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Show Wa Love

A website designed to support Washington small businesses and their employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Users can purchase gift certificates from their favorite businesses online or over the phone.

Explore Washington’s Backyard

A new website that will inspire people to explore the natural wonders of Washington in every corner of the state. When tourists are ready to leave their backyard, Washington’s backyard will be waiting.

On 6/11/20, the WTA held a Covid-19 Small Business and Rural Community Webinar. Guests included an Assistant Secretary from the Department of Health and an Industrial Hygienist from the Department of Labor and Industry. To view the recording, click here and use this password 3N^6Ft@#

The WTA held a Covid-19 webinar on May 1st. The webinar focused on the new guidelines and rules for tourism-related business. Panelists included Jon Snyder, Governor’s Senior Policy Advisor, Outdoor Recreation & Economic Development, Chris Green, Assistant Director, Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness, and Anthony Anton, the CEO of the Washington Hospitality Association. To view a recording, click here.